Each course offers different benefits so they all have value. In fact, many people end up taking both the CPO and PCCR courses to round out their training.

The short answer to that is no. The CPO course meets the criteria set forth for operating a commercial facility as it covers all aspects of running a facility from paperwork to troubleshooting equipment issues. 
The PCCR course is 100% water chemistry. As such, some of the water recommendations can be used for residential water but not for commercial applications.

Yes, all the courses offer the option of a retest. Keep in mind that there will be additional costs. I suggest waiting at least a week so that you have time to review and understand your weak areas.

Personally, I prefer the in person sessions as it allows for more direct communication and focus.
If you choose the fusion option for the Certified Pool Operator course, you will be able to study around your schedule and at your pace. The fusion option allows access for 6 months to complete the online portion and 1 year to take the exam.
The zoom option (limited time) offers the same benefits of the in person class without the costs involved with traveling to the course.
For the PCCR course, you need to purchase the two manuals online (available through both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com)
For the CPO course, you will be sent a current reference manual and handout package.
Other than that, you will need a pen, paper and calculator.
As we are all about water chemistry education, if you don’t see what you need, just call the office and we will work with you to fulfill your needs. We will teach classes of 1 student if it comes down to that.

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