CPO Certification Course

About the CPO Course

A CPO® Certification provides individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of swimming pool and spa operations. This training has helped protect millions of swimmers by reducing hazards at aquatic facilities. The PHTA® Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) Certification program, the world’s leading verifiable pool and spa training credential, is available as a blended training program.

CPO® Certification Program Benefits

  • Proven educational tool
  • Widely accepted by local and state authorities
  • Covers topics necessary for pool operators including a section for local and state codes
  • Includes a comprehensive handbook that is updated regularly
  • Taught by PHTA Certified Instructors
  • Recognized nationally and internationally
  • Gives participants a better understanding of the operator’s role in pool care, management and risk reduction

This course is a perfect starting point to prepare for the CST™ Certification course.

CPO certification provides individuals with the knowledge, techniques, and skills required for proper pool operations. This course is available as a blended training program, and is also eligible for IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

You will learn how to:

  • Reduce risks in and around the water
  • Prevent drowning, recreational water illness, suction entrapment, diving accidents, electrocutions, chemical hazards, and slips and falls
  • Address regulatory guidelines
  • Maintain disinfection and water balance
  • Manage water problems
  • Perform troubleshooting, chemical testing, and record keeping
  • Manage chemical feed
  • Utilize automation and technology

Course Options

The curriculum of CPO® Certification courses is taught by certified instructors and will cover information from the Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook and local codes. Course completion can occur through the following:

  • Classroom Course: This is a 14-16 hour, two-day program taught by a certified instructor.
  • Blended Format: This fusion course allows you to take the online Pool Operator Primer and a one-day in-person class of instruction (which can also be taken as a stand-alone refresher course)
  • Online: LIMITED TIME: Due to Covid, a full online version of the course is available. The platform we used is ZOOM. The course will follow the classroom version – 14-16 hour, two day program taught by a certified instructor with an online proctored exam.

*Successful completion of the course and exam will earn a 5 yr certification

CPO Course Types

This course is comprised of 14-16hrs class time over two days followed by an open book certification exam. This certification is valid for 5yrs.

*Course is in ENGLISH / IMPERIAL

This format allows the student to study at their own pace online. Each module finishes with a small test that must be successfully completed before moving to the next module. Once the online portion is complete, there is a one day review followed by the certification exam. This certification is valid for 5yrs.


Online requirements:

In-Person Requirements:

Renewal Requirements:

To qualify, the applicant must have a valid, current CPO certificate, attend the second day of the CPO course and successfully complete the certification exam.


$250 - CAD

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Instructor: Rob Stewart

The CPO® certification program is the world's leading education and certification program for keeping pools safer and keeping them open. Over 400,000 students have been trained since 1972. CPO® certification provides individuals with the knowledge, techniques, and skills required for proper pool operations.

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