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In 2016, we became instructors for the National Swimming Pool Foundation and taught all their courses, most notably, the CPO® certification course. At that time, it was decided that we needed a forum to offer these courses and AQUATIC FACILITY TRAINING OTTAWA came into being.

Since that time, we have offered in person CPO® certification classes to hotels, resorts, governments and individuals across Canada, U.S.A. and the Caribbean.

About 2 years ago, we became authorized instructors for the Pool Chemistry Training Institute for their PCC-R course. This course focusses on residential water chemistry rather than commercial. The information is based on the science of pool water and although it can be applied to commercial pool water, it does not always conform to municipal guidelines for commercial pools.

So what is AFTO? We are water chemistry specialists that focus on the education of both residential and commercial technicians to provide the best swimming pool experience possible.

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Rob started in the swimming pool industry full time in 2006 offering water delivery service for new pool construction. At that point he felt that higher education in the swimming pool field was needed. The first pool course taken was the Lowry course Core Water Chemistry. Which led to taking the NSPF CPO® certification course.

On the successful completion of that course, it was decided that all the NSPF courses would be beneficial as well as courses from outside organizations. By completing the 117+ courses offered by NSPF, Rob was set for becoming an instructor for the organization and gained that status in 2017.

Since education never ends, any free time during the swimming season was spent with a local pool builder to solidify the mechanics of how a good pool works. Through this builder, proper pool building practices and plumbing were learned.

In 2018, a new course for pool water chemistry became available through the PCTI and was taken. The course was so informative that Rob decided that becoming an instructor for the Pool Chemistry Training Institute was the next move. Late in 2018, that goal was met and now these important courses are both being offered internationally by Rob through Aquatic Facility Training Ottawa.

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